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    Default 2018 NSS-CDS Winter Workshop at Hart Springs

    2018 NSS-CDS Winter Workshop at Hart Springs!
    Saturday Feb 17, 2018 from 9am-5pm
    Location: Hart Springs Park - 4240 SW 86th Ave Bell, FL 32619

    This FREE one-day event hosted at beautiful Hart Springs will feature hands-on workshops where you can learn about:

    -Cave & cavern photography (by Kirill Egorov)
    -Cave radiolocation and survey techniques (by Andy Pitkin)
    -Vertical caving and sump diving (by Jon Lillestolen and Matt Vinzant)

    Guided dives into the Hart Springs cave will be available for certified full cave divers!

    The NSS-CDS will be conducting an Overhead Nitrox Diver certification course, free of charge, for any divers certified Cavern or above who have not yet taken a Nitrox course. This will take place during the workshop and will take about 1.5-2 hours. No in-water activities are required for the course, the only thing you need to bring is your Cavern or Cave certification card.

    Lunch will be provided at the event. If you have special food restrictions, please plan to bring your own lunch.

    We are looking forward to a great workshop in February!

    SIGN UP HERE! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2018-ns...ts-41123051153


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    Quote Originally Posted by madmosche View Post
    This FREE one-day event hosted at beautiful Hart Springs will feature hands-on workshops where you can learn about:
    Won't people have to pay the standard park entry fee, and diving fee if they dive?

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    Hey Forrest,

    The park entry fee is waived for the event. The diving fee will be required if they choose to dive.


    Ken Sallot

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    Just signed up, will be excited to be there! Looking forward to it.

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    Great location for the workshop, we have hosted several there...don't miss it!!

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    Looks like a great event, with speakers I want to hear. Looking at the calendar now!

    It's not what you do, but who you are when doing it.

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    I am happy to announce that Roger Williams has agreed to run a CPR / Oxygen Provider clinic during the workshop.

    Ken Sallot


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