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    Default Hart Springs conditions?

    Spoke with the Park this morning, they said that they'd had divers there the past four days, with a team in the cave as we spoke.
    Only viz description she had was "green"...don't know how that translates to distance of viz. Anyone been there lately that has a viz/conditions report?
    i know that the other vent has reopened, Jill Heinreth's report suggested using that entrance to get out of some of the worst entrance flow.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I was there the week of Thanksgiving, I think calling conditions "green" are fair. We called viz about 25' or so with a lot of large particulate in the water. We cleaned lots and lots of sticks and branches out of the rope and line. We also dug the line out of the sand bank, but I'm betting it'll take some more work to clean it out.

    The other vent is kind of cool, it looks mostly stable but I wouldn't trust it not to collapse at some point. If you go into Black Lagoon and exit Little Hart then the new vent will be painfully obvious on your exit.

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    I'm assuming you're talking about the head spring as the other vent/opening? It's been clogged up for quite a long time despite trying to clear it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEPIV View Post
    I'm assuming you're talking about the head spring as the other vent/opening? It's been clogged up for quite a long time despite trying to clear it out.
    It is wide open now. The flood blew it out. It isn't the original main spring. It is about 20' from Little Hart.

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    We've been going there since the 90's to swim and I only knew of the head spring, Little Hart and Black Lagoon. There was another spot near the jumping deck, (if it's still there), not far from the head spring but I was not aware of a vent that close to Little Hart. (Or if I saw it sometime I might have just assumed it was part of Little Hart.)
    I look forward to seeing this when I go there again.

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    If anyone has wanted to dive the cave at Hart, you are required to have Full Cave + Abe Davis Award to dive there. However on Feb 17 for the NSS-CDS Winter Workshop you can sign up for a guided dive without having an Abe Davis award (still have to show full cave cert). Hope to see you all there!


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    Vis is 30-50 this week, still blowing chunks, but definitely worth the visit.


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