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    I think a major benefit that hasn't been touched on is customer service. I recently talked to someone who was having some rebreather issues and had to send their unit overseas for repair. Said the turn around time was about 3 weeks. For someone who dives their rebreather almost exclusively that's 3 weeks with no diving. I have KISS SCCR and on a few occasions I've had to contact KISS for repairs or replacements. Not only were they super prompt with replying but also got me what I needed in just a couple days. A company that is based in the US has a lot of perks which is worth a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by v101 View Post
    So far I am very happy with the unit, I have a hardwired Shearwater computer, and recently picked up a backup nerd, I like the idea of having a redundant computer for the monitoring of my PP02. Overall I am very pleased with the unit, its easy to transport also with the size, it cleans up quickly after a dive, and is easily put together before a dive, I am still not as fast at getting everything put together, but slow and steady is ok with me, as once assembled I can have plenty of bottom time.

    Currently I have around 35-40 HRS post training on the unit.
    How do you like the nerd? I like the idea of having all the info in my face, but I wonder if it's TMI/too big and I'm going to bonk my cheek into it. Edd showed me the Liberty, I like the HUD on that, it's very much like the P1: green means go (on set point), red means you're dead (high PPO2), blue means you're going to turn blue (low PPO2). I'm using a Shearwater blinky HUD, which is tiny and simple, and a Petral with a Fischer cable showing PPO2 of each cell and that's working out fine so far.

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    Sidemount rebreather harnesses are awkward beasts no matter what you do with them, it's like you're wrestling the things. I tend to flip the loop back over my head while I'm monkeying with plugging stuff in, and my loop hoses have big brass nuts that connect the DSV (for weight). I have nailed myself in the head with it more than once bending over to reach something, that's why I ask about the Nerd.


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