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    Default Key Largo trimix fills?

    I'm going to be in Key Largo during 18-21 December doing recreational diving and then heading north to dive at Diepolder 3 on 12/23 and Eagles Nest on 12/24.

    Where can I get trimix fills for my double 130s and deco gasses for my aluminum 80 and 40 in Key Largo before heading north?

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    Hi ScubaGypsy,

    I think Horizon Divers in Key Largo can help you out with the fills.

    As for Dan or Jeff.

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    Rainbow Reef can do it ... just let me know a day ahead of time. RR does all custom fills you may need.

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    Horizon Divers has filled trimix for me without issues although I was filling rebreather bottles and not double 130s

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    DiverCityAquaVertical at the intersection of Veterans Highway (589) and Cortez Blvd. can fill your tanks with anything you need. I would call them though (352-799-5900) as I don't know what their hours will be on the Christmas weekend. I also know they are moving the shop to the west end of Cortez Blvd (RT 52) sometime in December or January. The new shop will be about 1/4 mile east of Weeki Wachee.


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