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Thread: MrBil

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    Very sad to hear

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    Condolences to family and friends.

    Mike & Tracy

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    Bil was my first cave instructor. May he rest in peace. Very sad.

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    I was just watching some of the videos Bil had on his YouTube account on line placement techniques, and tie offs. I like the videos and watch them from time to time.

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    Bil took my wife and I, over three trips, from me being a GUE Tech-1 diver and my wife being a PADI AI, from cavern through full cave, and then guided us on dives after that, until we had the confidence to go on our own, feeling comfortable and safe. My wife was nervous about taking a course from him at first, because she hated the GUE attitude and the pic of Bil looking serious on his webpage gave her pause, but as we got to know him that melted away - he was like "the dude" in Big Lebowski, but once in the water he would get sober and serious (but still fun). We got excellent quality training from him, he didn't cut corners, he wouldn't move us on from something until he was confident we really understood it and were well practiced with it. He was humble, curious, and taught us some really good habits. He lived to cave dive in MX, he absolutely loved it, and his passion was completely infectious. He had countless stories and amusing tales about things below and above the water, I always hoped he'd be able to write a book.

    Hanging out with Bil above the water was one of the highlights of our Tulum trips, getting his thoughts on dives, routes, seeing his latest cat trick with his super long cat Malcolm, his BBQ's he'd host with his local friends and whoever was in from out of town. For someone who didn't have much of an internet presence he had a huge network of people he'd be visiting, visiting him, going on dive trips with, etc.

    It's going to be sad to be in a cave knowing we aren't going to hear his goofy humming while on a beautiful dive, with him pointing out oddities, highlights and areas with quirky history, and it's going to be hard to go back to Tulum without him.

    Glad he got to spend decades doing what he loved, and having such an impression on so many people.

    RIP Bil.



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