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    Default URSUIT dry suit ??

    Anyone own or owned a URSUIT dry suit (one endurance) Made in finland. wondering if its a good suit......i have many. Just wondering looks like a nice suit. may consider another. Thanks

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    If you've ever seen/tried Fourth Element drysuits, you have your answer. Pretty high quality.

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    I bought a pre-enjoyed Breathable Kevlar Ursuit a couple of years ago, it was nearly new and a fraction of the new price. I am now so wrecked for diving in a warm climate like Florida or even Brockville Ontario during the summer, I keep my CLX strictly for winter diving up North now.

    That said, when Gamble installed a new zipper he repaired 9 leaks and wasn't happy with the quality. Since then I've fixed endless numbers of leaks, re-glued endless amounts of trim/flaps etc and it still gets moist inside after long dives. I had Santi boots installed, which I prefer over Turbo-soles.

    I don't think I'd consider buying another but will keep this one alive with aqua-seal and enjoy the breathability until the damp factor gets old. My buddy had endless headaches with the same type of suit that looked identical except the label said Waterproof. It went back and forth to Waterproof and finally was replaced with something else from another manufacturer. I suspect that the materials used in this breathable Kevlar suit are completely different from the other Ursuits, no idea if the quality is better or worse tho. Good luck

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    Ursuit suits are popular here in Scandinavia as a good drysuit at a medium price point. The heavy/light line is similar to a TLS in material. There are cordura suits as well as the kevlar if you need extreme durability but at least the kevlar had/has material issues that causes the aforementioned leaks. The ONE suits are a bit of a compromise between durability and flexibility and quite popular among the tech crowd in Sweden. The softdura suit is my favourite by far and the one I'd recommend. It is worth remembering that they're cut for truly cold water diving so they are quite roomy; in standard sizes they're a far ways off from cave cut (only an idiot goes for cave cut in cold water). I like the Ursuits and often recommend them but this is with price in mind. I'd say they're a notch below Santi for quality and durability but they're still good suits.


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