Hi there,

I went through most of the threads in this subforum and had a look into many books. Since I am in sincere need of books to compensate for any out-of-water-time, I am going to give you an overview of what I read so far and would be most grateful for more input on this.
The given list does include some wreck diving, might be interesting for one or the other though. I got some books in the basement, so I might add some more the next 2 - 3 days.

General / Ed
Into the Abyss - easy read, not that entertaining. 3/5
Deep Diving Good, interesting read. Cannot judge currentness of data, nevertheless I gained interesting insights. 4/5
Diver Down Kinda typical Padi storys, probably nothing for this forum. Nevertheless, read it, 2/5
Nt. Buoyancy Cannot remember details, but i CAN remember that I found it boring enough to not finish it. Happens rarely ...

Raising the Dead The Story of Dave Shaw and Bushmans Hole. 5/5
Diving into Darkness Same book, different title. US Version, I think.
Cavern Kings Fictional Novel about a guy, getting started with cavern diving. Easy holiday read, easy to follow. 3/5
Blind Descent The story of Bill Stone, trying to crack a record. Some insights into building his rebreathers, bought it for the interest in cave diving, contains mainly dry caving. Lots and lots of dates, timelines and so on - catching up a lot of history ... Well researched but boring, in my humble opinion. 2/5

The last Dive The (well known) Story of the Rouses. Kind of cave, kind of wreck. 4/5
Shadow Divers Including the story of the Rouses, but focussing on the exploration of the wreck they tried to indentify. 5/5
Deep Descent Diving the Andria Doria. Some of the Dives without fatalities. 5/5
Fatal Depth Pretty good, entertaining read. Focussed only on fatalities. All about the Andria Doria 4/5
Setting the Hook Another book about diving the Andrea Doria, but ... different. 5/5

On my To-Read-List:
Amazons Cave Diving Series
Down to a sunless Sea
A Glimmering in Darkness
The Cave Divers
Where Divers Dare