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    Hi guys,

    thanks for your replies. I will dig into all the recommendations, thank you for it. Of course, feel free to post more.

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    'Happy to have this list! I may have missed it but Bernie Chowdhury's "The Last Dive" is an excellent read.

    Barbara/San Francisco

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    I just started a new book that is looking pretty good, Dragon Sea: A True Tale of Treasure, Archeology, and Greed off the Coast of Vietnam
    by Frank Pope. Some interesting tidbits of SCUBA history mixed in with Asian history, and the history and evolution of underwater treasure hunting.

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    David Poyer Down to a Sunless Sea....it's a little cheesy but as far as cave diving novels go it's not bad.

    Elisha Gibson
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    The Silent World by Jacques Cousteau.

    Dominick Gheesling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhippi View Post
    The Silent World by Jacques Cousteau.
    Yes, that book kept me alive back before there was any training.

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
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    I got 3 second hand books last week:
    Tom Mount-Mixed Gas Diving. A little bit outdated, but still a nice book, and I dove with Tom.
    Rob Palmer-Deeper into blue holes.
    Guy de Laveur-Caves and Cavediving. An old book about cave diving in Europe, book is from 1956. So really old.

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    If you like Internet style dive drama in your book reads:

    "Shadow Divers Exposed" by Gary Gentile is an entertaining read. My favorite part of that book was when Gary jumped the shark when commenting about Robert Kurson writing about a "sweltering moon" and Gary gets into NASA moon temperature records.

    "The Dive" by Pipin Ferreras about Audrey Mestre's accident is countered by Carlos Serra's "The Last Attempt" which casts doubt on how accidental her death might have been.

    Trace Malinowski
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    Hmm, I'm surprised to not see "Submerged …" by Lenihan.

    He was a Florida cave diver who was a buddy of Sheck Exley and became an archaeologist and ran the US Park Service's underwater archaeology division. Interesting tales of diving caves, flooded native American sites (in reservoirs behind dams), WW2 wrecks, etc. At Ginnie Springs a couple years ago, I met a few divers from that same agency doing their overhead CCR training. I was a little envious … what an interesting job. Interesting book, too.


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