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    Default Ojamo Mine, Lohja, Finland dive guides and services?

    I've been enjoying numerous videos of folks diving in the Ojamo mine in Lohja, Finland and am wondering if this site is open to visitors? I plan to be passing through Helsinki in late March 2018 with all of my cold water dive equipment (except tanks) as I travel north for a week of ice diving in the White Sea. Are there Ojamo mine dive guides that can provide services including guiding, tanks and appropriate fill gasses that might be available for hire? I'd like to add a few days on and go on some mine dives if it is possible. I'll be travelling with a non-diving buddy that is an outdoorsman and is quite content hanging on the surface in beautiful country.

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    The quick answer would be no. However if you're ready to go through some trouble, you'll probably be able to sort things out.

    The easiest and the usual way visitors sort out their diving at Ojamo, is through friends. So if you have any cave diving friends in Finland, I suggest you contact them for help.

    If this is not an option, you should start by contacting the Ojamon Tekniikkasukeltajat ry, who runs the place. I think they're only in Facebook nowadays. It's not quite a commercially run business, thus bear in mind you'll have to adjust to the schedules and good will of their volunteers.

    There are not that many commercial places, who can get you gas and fills, since most Finnish tech divers are members of a dive club, and fill their own gas. None of the few places are close to Ojamo, but with a car the distances aren't huge. For trimix and deco gases I guess the only place is SukellusLuola. Nitrox and tanks you can also get from Sukelluskoulu Aalto.

    The Lohja area, where Ojamo is situated, offers some beautifull possibilities for an outdoors person, so if you get your diving sorted out, I'm sure you both will enjoy it!



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