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Thread: Divorce sale

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    Default Divorce sale

    Got alot of extra gear. Pics will be available if needed. Can meet in cave country

    dive rite he $200
    suunto viper $200
    dive rite super wing $200
    dive rite classic wing $150
    dive rite rek wing $125
    abs backplate $25
    ss backplate $60
    bare dry suit. seals prob need replaced $300
    3 al50 yellow $75
    1 al80 blue $125
    2 high pressure steele $200
    2 low pressure steele $200
    salvo 1st and 2nd stage w/7ft hose $150
    scuba pro air2 $50

    various accessories;
    50lbs dive rite lift bag $25
    yellow uk sl4 $10
    saekolive reel (generic) $50
    scuba pro depth gage $30
    2 finger spools $10
    salvo 1st and 2nd stage with standard left side back mount size hose i thing $150

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    What size are the LP steels?

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    If the HP steels are 3500 psi 100cf PST tanks @ $200 for the pair, I will take them assuming they are in or will pass hydro/vip

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    I will take the 2 LP steel @$200 for the pair. If they are not 72’s

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    Interested to know what size both HP and LP tanks are?

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    Did the potential "Ex" disconnect you from CDF? Some of your stuff is sold if you can get back to us...

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    Sorry. Been having probs with the page. The hp tanks and ss backplate have been sold

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    Size of dry suit ?

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    I’ve already got a divorce. Paid way too much for mine.

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