I thought I would share some helpful tips after a recent scooter shipping experience that went bad.

What happened?
I sold my Mako DPV to a guy in West Virginia... he wanted me to ship the scooter but I was hesitant and insisted that UPS pack it, ship it and insure it for the sale price value ($900). It ended up costing $175 to do all that. Scooter arrived, guy opens it up, sets it aside (all looks good) and takes it on a dive the next week. Bad news... motor is spinning backwards and upon closer inspection sees that one of the struts connecting the body to the shroud is cracked through. We contact UPS to file a claim BUT because the original packing material was discarded, they would not pay the claim. After a lengthy process of providing multiple pictures of the scooter before shipping, pictures of the damaged scooter, estimates of repair from Curt at DPV repair (Thanks Curt!) and statements from both of us, including a short video clip of the box it arrived in (the guy took a cute little video of his mini puppy dog swimming in the peanuts in the box... the only evidence that the shipping materials existed), we finally (2 months after shipping) have gotten UPS to agree to pay the claim.. .I'm still waiting on a check. In addition, the day after filing the claim UPS showed up at the guys house wanting to pick up the scooter and "throw" it on a truck to take it somewhere for inspection. We refused since there were no packing materials and literally the scooter would have been rolling around on the back of a UPS truck. We were then advised that the scooter could not be moved to any other address (the guy was coming to florida and was going to bring it back) because we would then be liable for the damage.

So... if you sell/buy a scooter, here are some recommendations:
-pick it up, find a ride for it or take a road trip to get it.
-If YOU SHIP IT... let them pack it, insure it for the full value, and NEVER DISCARD the packing materials upon receipt until you are 100% certain it is in the condition you expected it to be.
-Document, document, document... everything in case you get stuck in this boat.
-Ensure the buyer is fully aware of the concerns and understands they are liable for the loss if they discard the packing materials or take action that prohibits the claim being paid out.

Good luck!

PS... if anyone is traveling from WV to Florida and want to pick up a broken scooter and bring it back to me, I would greatly appreciate it!