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    Default Lube Job question - suex and "vaseline oil"

    I'm reading the suex manuals and I'm finding something that *might* be lost in translation to me.

    They say for the body O ring to lubricate it with "Vaseline oil" and mention "the spray type designed for scuba gear" and they say DO NOT USE SILICONE GREASE

    Now when I think "Vaseline oil" I'm thinking petroleum jelly.

    When I google "Vaseline oil spray scuba gear" I find a link to an Italian company that makes this stuff >> http://www.siliconi.it/eng/products/...-58a1-eng.html which appears to be called "Vaseline oil spray" but the other products on the page appear to be silicone based sprays.

    errr... I'm a little confused about what exactly is ok to lubricate these o rings with.

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    In Germany, "vaseline oil" is sewing machine oil. I just got some from a sewing machine store. It looks like water, until you shake it up, then you see it is more viscose than water.

    I may be at Ginnie this weekend, and could leave a little at a dive shop for you.

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    My Suex came supplied with a tube of Vicky 51T. According to the info on the side it meets some pharmaceutical standard, blah blah blah.

    I've been using the same stuff I've used for years on O rings and my mask skirt. Food grade silicon from a dive shop. I just but the economy sized jug and it lasts for years.
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    I just spit on mine. Seems to work fine, doesn't attract dirt, and I always seem to remember to bring some with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael F View Post
    My Suex came supplied with a tube of Vicky 51T. According to the info on the side it meets some pharmaceutical standard, blah blah blah.

    I have been using the Vicky stuff that had been supplied with the Suex..
    From the amount used in my first year of possession it looks like that tube will outlast the life of the scooter..


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