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    Default Buffalo Police Diver- Line of Duty Death

    Buffalo Police Underwater Recovery Team diver Craig Lehner, age 34, is missing and probably dead after a training accident in the Upper Niagara River near the Peace Bridge.

    Niagara river in this area has a current of 15mph, and a rough, jagged bottom with multiple debris fields from wreckage being swept into the river from Lake Erie.

    The Police UW Recovery team was doing a training exercise in this section of the river due to frequent search and recovery operations needed annually in this section of the river.

    The diver was tethered to a boat on the surface when the tether parted, and the diver failed to return to the surface. Buffalo PD UWRT typically dives with single 80 cuft cylinder.

    The diver has been missing for 9 hr now, but Police still term the operation as a "rescue" not a body recovery.

    Say a prayer for a first responder, missing and presumed dead.

    Unfortunately, when fishermen, boaters, suicides go missing in this section of the river, the body is frequently never recovered.


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    Sad news.

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    Jeff Rouse
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    This is such a freak accident & it reminds me of similar training in Summit County, Colorado with the local county fire rescue and recovery dive team. We practiced this on fast moving Blue river, but never experianced anything like what you posted here. This is very sad, & i sincerely hope he will be found alive. My prayers go out to his family as well.
    Thank you for the posting.

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    Buffalo Police recover body of missing diver

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    Very sad. Condolences to his family, friends, and fellow officers.

    Mike & Tracy


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