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    Default Has anyone taken the Hollis Prism 2 CCR Service Technician Course

    Does it cover the service (breakdown and rebuild) of the 1st stage supply regulators (oxygen and dil)? I am assuming this is the service training for the yearly service on the prism 2 unit including oxygen sensors, routing board, electrical connectors and cable routing, and oxygen solenoid.

    Any more information is appreciated

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    I took the course last year. It's a two part course as you have to take the OC portion before the CC portion. If you have a good trainer, you get pretty in depth with the unit. I broke it down about as far as it would go before building it back up. You do both the P2 and the Explorer. It's not a particularly difficult unit to service.

    Overall, it was worth it for me as there are only a couple of places in Europe that can even do the yearly maintenance.


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