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    The picture I saw looked like Rick could tie his boat off to the stairs.

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    As of last Tuesday, little River has certainly been divable. Water was 5? over the sidewalk. Tannic was covering the entire basin, but it was clear below in the hole. Outflow was quite strong with particulate in the water. Vis was probably 40?. About 100? before the deep section jump it was very clear. After the jump and all the way to the well casing was 20? vis with a tannic tint, but no temperature change. I doubt the system ever reversed. I know of several dives that happened a few days before and the conditions were similar.

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    Scootered it today moderate flow, Vis about 30-35 ft and started to get tannic at the end of Florida room

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    Default today

    This morning the basin was kind of tannic-y with 15 feet of vis. It cleared up in the cave. Flow was up. the first 600 feet or so had 30ish feet of vis with some particulate. From the florida room back almost to the dome room was clear as a bell.

    I honestly believe the basin cleared up some between the time we got there and the time we left.

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    Any snot balls in the water or on the walls?

    Jason Gulley


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