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Thread: John Burge

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    :arrowblack John Burge

    John Burge has passed away. I remember him for his writings, photos, and humor. "Underwater Cave Surveying" may be his best known book. I haven't seen him in the last 15 or so years, but he is not forgotten. RIP John.


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    Last I heard he was on Bonaire. Sad to hear he has passed away.

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    Sorry to hear about that. I actually run into some of his old survey markers, which I hope no one takes

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    Learned so much from his book.

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    The obituary is quite a read. He seems to have lived a very interesting life, an exceptional sort of person.

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    One of the actual legends of our sport and a hell of a life led. Inspirational.

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    'Very sorry to read this and learn of John's death. Forrest, John had been living in Pensacola but kept a low profile from cave diving after he retired. He and I "met" via email and then phone when I was looking for information about diving the Bonaire caves about 10 years ago. I'd read that he'd lived there and explored them. Although at that time the official word was that "there is no cave diving allowed on Bonaire," John graciously responded to my email and put me in touch with his friend Pam Teitel on the island. She and her husband Peter showed us the "mailbox"cave (Uruaguay de Suid) and offered a dive briefing, even though they hadn't been diving there for years. John's original survey stations were intact and as neat as the day he created them. We sent him some photos. John also donated his original map of the cave to the CDS. We kept in touch until about a year ago, when he stopped returning phone calls and emails. He was a good and adventurous soul who gave a great deal to our sport.
    I will try to contact Pam and Peter to let them know.

    Barbara/San Francisco

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    RIP, he wrote the survey bible...

    Safe diving,


    Education, enjoyment and exploration.....

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    RIP he will be missed.

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    I'll write up a short notice and biographical note for Underwater Speleology. If anyone who knew John or dived with him would contribute an anecdote or a comment, please contact me at cavedivingwomanSF@gmail.com.
    Thanks, Barbara

    Barbara/San Francisco


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