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    Quote Originally Posted by Scuba Al View Post
    You don't need a large compressor, I run my ag30 haskel off a 30 gallon craftsmen. I fill mostly rebreather bottles and from time to time top up 40&80 bailout bottles.

    PS just noticed this is my 100th post since 2004. Sorry for hogging so much bandwidth ��
    Oh really? I had too many people telling me a small portbale 25-30 gallon would never work, so I gave up. I've got a lot of compressor knowledge, but I find good sources on boosters is much harder to come by.

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    I have little compressor knowledge, but have been doing this since 2009. If a smaller compressor runs the booster a little slower, who care, with O2 I would see that as a good thing.
    So yes "really"


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