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Thread: Ginnie

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    According to friends in High Springs, reversal has been documented by river debris (leaves, twigs) being found a distance back into the cave after past floods.

    Whether or not reversal occurs depends on BOTH the river level AND the aquifer level. River level must exceed aquifer level to reverse.

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    From the Ginnie facebook:

    The flood waters have dropped about 8 feet, but we still have about 2 more feet to go. Overall, things are looking good, and we're super close to seeing that gorgeous crystal clear spring water again!
    We are *hoping* to open by next Friday ( 10/6), possibly sooner if conditions improve quickly. We will let everyone know our opening date by Tuesday (10/3).

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    they have a video they posted on facebook its seems fine for giving diving a try, i would love to run a line from the stairs and see the conditions.

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    I've decoed in the eye when the water was high (not to today's levels, anyway), barely making the 20 ft depth on the ceiling in the cavern. I guess diving now would have you deco mid water somewhere in the eye. Not a big deal for a few minutes, but something to consider if planning for lots of deco.

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    Think I'm going to give it a try by boat this weekend. I will post a report

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEPIV View Post
    Yes indeed as one very large gator actually stopped us northbound on the prairie as we were driving to the hospital around 4 am for my daughter to be born. Made it there with 45 minutes to spare and the nurses at the hospital told others about our gator story after we told them. Still a favorite family story of ours.
    Hope you named her GATOR ! That the American way !

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    No, she wouldn't have liked that, even as a nickname, but it's not a bad 70's Burt Reynolds movie.

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    I did a quick fly by of Ginnie today from my boat. It looks like clear water is flowing from the eye. You can see the spring pretty but from the surface it looks very green.

    The Ear is not visible from the surface at all.

    I will be interested to see if there is any trash or tree branches that washed down into either one.

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    Any updates on Ginnie?

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    Went by the park yesterday, they're still closed but will update on Wed.

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