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    I used to be into aquariums, so ReefCentral . com is a great site. Same with mountain biking, there is MTBR . com. I've always had a nostalgia for model trains, especially around Christmas time. There are numerous model railroading sites, personal blogs, forums, etc. I really like seeing YouTube videos (check out the garden railroads plowing real snow). If I had my own place I'd have it decked out with an elaborate train set. ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by TotDoc View Post
    9 responses before mine, and not a single mention of porn. I call shenanigans!
    Visit occasionally? Perhaps. Visit frequently... nah not really. I do try to annoy my wife just about every morning though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrpai View Post
    I do try to annoy my wife just about every morning though.
    Sooo, you wake up and start talking?

    "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."
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    Quote Originally Posted by OFG-1 View Post
    Sooo, you wake up and start talking?

    Actually it's the still breathing part.

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    Thanks so much for the input. The teacher is basically trying to get students to poll people for research rather than pulling data off a spreadsheet.
    Interacting with people you don't know, what a bizarre concept. LOL
    Thanks again!

    If cave diving were Star Wars, who would be Yoda?


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