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    Quote Originally Posted by bamafan View Post
    I would say that many of the gold line T's in the back of JB could be improved. There are several up on the ceiling and the gold line back there is smaller and stained so that the stained T'd in lines look similar especially on a scooter.
    Yes, and I have been tricked into following a side lead, because it looked like goldline.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink arrows View Post

    I can't think of any gold line Ts in Florida caves that are "very bad and dangerous". Anyway, back to my original point, which has nothing to do with whether or not Ts should exist....

    Richard, I drew you an artistic rendition of what the line looked like at the time of my dive. Blue line is the existing line. Green was the line that was there on precious dives but was cut out. The arrow on the side tied off to the rock shouldn't have been there.

    None of this matters. It wasn't a big deal. I was just curious about whether or the change was posted since there had been some discussion on this particular spot.
    Makes more sense despite your channeling jackson pollock. Why would they cut it back there and not just remove it at the mainline. Dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink arrows View Post
    But cutting a T out from a place where it actually makes sense just feels like an ego move. I was wondering of the white knight had posted it anywhere or just went for it.
    Ego move, probably not, possibly something that can be understood with a Myers-Briggs. Someone changes a line, and someone else gets upset and changes it back-has happened a lot in the past and result can be line wars. I would just be highly attentive because based on philosophies etc, things change a lot. My favorite is the permanent versus temporary line arrows, and the temporary line arrows point in the direction of my travel ,even though they contradict the existing line arrows.

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