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    The Saffir–Simpson scale (Hurricane) only goes to Cat-5 (157+mph).

    IF there were a "Cat-6" it would be around 174 to 180mph, based on the current scale.

    Irma is now blowing 185mph. There is no such thing as a Cat-6 hurricane, but if there was, Irma qualifies.

    Irma is now the STRONGEST hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin.

    Take only photos, leave only bubbles, kill only time.

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    I was living down on St Thomas for Marilyn and that was crazy. Be interesting to see what happens...

    Safe diving,


    Education, enjoyment and exploration.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gschaut View Post
    . There is no such thing as a Cat-6 hurricane, but if there was, Irma qualifies.
    "The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and... ."

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    It's Nuts down here. Lines and cops at police stations and home depot, everyplace is out of water and consumables, the turnpike and 95 are all jammed up.

    "Is this thing on?"

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    I am diving peacock this morning, then lil river, then back to Orlando to Tin up my shop and house. No gas even up here, but I'm good.

    Tom Johnson / tj
    Dayo Scuba Center LLC
    Orlando, Florida

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    My unit along with several other units from the TN ARMY National Guard just got activated for Irma.

    Not sure when or where we will be deployed. Could be anywhere along the East Coast and Florida.

    Please be safe my friends.

    Jeff Haley

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    I figure I'm about as prepared as I can get. If it hits us as a Cat 2 in Citrus county, the worst damage I expect is from falling trees/debris or just wind doing a number on my roof as it's a bit old. Hopefully nothing huge comes crashing through my house or hits my boat/truck (working like mad to get space for both in the garage but I don't think it's gonna happen lol

    "There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage." - Mark Twain

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    The news and weather people are, for a better word, nuts. They have adjusted the "forecast" almost hourly and can't seem to agree on anything. They just want to tell me who's flippin' mansion got hit and make fun of Rush Limbaugh and show me rip off prices. Focus folks!
    Fact, Irma has never had an equal. The storm will be a 15-20 billion dollar FUBAR. Death toll may top 2500 if you figure all the Caribbean. People will be affected all the way into southern Georgia for years. They should have told people to run for the hills 5 days ago instead of playing follow the spaghetti line to see if it touches you.
    The only safe place to be if you live south of Lake City is Iowa. I'm really bothered by this one. Katrina may look like a Civil Defense drill after this one.
    Be safe down there you guys and girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
    The only safe place to be if you live south of Lake City is Iowa!
    I suspect I'm reasonably safe here in Bratislava. Cant do anythiing to However prepare home or car. However, supposed to fly home Monday, just as as she heads through/near GA. Truck sitting at offsite parking near MCO. Will be an adventure. Be safe everone.

    Cave Mann

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    Don't underestimate a Cat 5 Hurricane. I drove to New Orleans shortly after Camille in 1969. That was the first Cat 5 to hit the US. The storm surge flipped US 90 upside down for miles along the Mississippi coast. It tore the entire front off the high rise hotels, and killed 143 along the Gulf Coast.

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
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    Sump Divers


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