I am one of those old guys (47) who somehow found himself in love with diving again. Qualified through Divemaster (PADI) ages ago and then took a few decades off. Recent developments led me back into the water. Completed Cavern (TDI) certification in January and completed 19 Cavern dives beyond training dives in Madison Blue, Jackson Blue, Little River, Jug Hole, Cypress, and Peacock1. Located in Tallahassee and completely willing to travel south, east, or west to dive. Working towards completing Intro to Cave this fall.

Looking for divers to dive with.

Essentially looking for 2 different team/buddy experiences:

1. Crazy as it might sound, I am looking for someone to practice skills with in open water. Seems like the basin at Ginnie Springs or Jackson Blue are the best places to do this. I am interested in conducting valve drills, line drills, buddy breathing drills, share air drills, touch contact communication/egress, buoyancy control, ditch and don, etc. I just got a set of double 104s and would really like to practice with them. I made one dive with my instructor in the 104s and learned valve drill and did a tour of Blue Grotto. Seems that with doubles a good 1- 1.5 hours could be spent working on skills in the basin followed by a good dive into Ginnie or Jackson Blue.

2. Still interested in just looking around, inside a cavern, underwater. I have a single tank setup and would love to do some Cavern dives to put together more bottom time in preparation for Intro to Cave course this fall. As comfort level with double 104s increases I can also dive with the doubles setup.

I am the consummate ?newbie? and ready to learn / fit myself into a dive plan within my limits.

I teach Photography at Valdosta State University. When the Fall semester begins (August 14th) I can typically be available on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons and the weekends.