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Thread: magnus for sale

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    Rich isn't being fair with his offer. What he should have said was it's the fastest 26/18 anyone has ever seen and will almost keep up with that Magnus for $1300

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    Thanks for the offer on the 26... I'll hold out for now. Patience pays, however the minnus 1.5 I bought not long ago was snatched up by my wife before i even got it home and I'll be riding an old gavin until the right ride comes along. At least she lets me ride it when I'm on my best behavior.

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    ..ohh Matt...
    ..your just begging for some harassment now with that last comment.

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    Glutton for punishment here

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    Quote Originally Posted by IowaCaveDiver View Post
    i sent this user a text message to ask about pictures....He is either not friendly or really doesn't want to sell the scooter. He told me to go look at the submerge website and then make him an offer. I told him I'd need to see pictures before feeling comfortable with an offer. He responded by saying "call rodney and pay full retail". I don't think he is a very motivated seller. I offered him $2k sight unseen (lowball, i know) and he responded "blow me". Good luck with the sale, Sikorsky.
    How do you know that that was not his counter offer. I'm not gay but a Magnus is a Magnus.

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