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    :arrowblack George C Turner Jr.

    We lost an amazing man Sunday July 16.
    George finally lost his battle with complications from a long ongoing fight with Leukemia.
    George Turner dedicated his life to others.
    He was a DA in Georgia putting criminals behind bars for years. Then he was a family court judge in Camden County GA, protecting children and families.
    He was also one of the kindest and best men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    George and I met in an advanced open water class and fast became great friends and dive buddies.
    We later took all of our Cave training together from Cavern through Full Cave.
    From the first day of Cavern training in the Ball Room to a double stage dive to Sherwood Split, I always knew I was going to be OK because my buddy George was with me.
    There was about 2 weeks of diving 6 years ago while he was in remission. Those short dives at Ginnie and Peacock were the best dives of my life.
    George had to stop diving 5 years ago.
    Even though he was no longer able to join me I was still expected to email or call and debrief him after all of my cave dives.

    I have been able to dive all over the world. But my best dives by far have been cave dives in Florida with my friend and buddy George Turner.
    He was the brother I never had. A piece of me is gone now. Cave diving will never be the same for me. But I know every time I put on my side mount rig that he convinced me to swap to he is with me.
    Rest well my friend you are finally at peace.

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    Safe diving,


    Education, enjoyment and exploration.....

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    So sorry for your loss. Sounds like a great friendship.

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    Very sorry that you lost your friend/brother. You are fortunate that he lives on in your memories.


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    My condolences to hes friends and family.

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
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    Sorry for your loss


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