THIS is the place you want to eat if you're within 2 hours of Marianna....maybe more.

I don't eat out much anymore, because very few places are as good as home (yes, he cooks THAT good!). HOWEVER, we will be going back here often.

The food is out of this world. The service is incredible. The ambiance is very nice. The prices are extremely reasonable. The owner takes great pride in ensuring everyone enjoys every bite.

Sombussas, falafel, grape leaves, Mashawy coffee, baklava, Nadia (dessert named after the owner's wife....use two forks, one to stab your dining partners with), moussaka, lamb chops, hummus, and an amazing Chai tea/ginger/honey/cinnamon concoction that came in shot glasses. OMG good stuff!

Very cave diver friendly!

.....we may be going back tomorrow