I posted this a few years ago for my neighbor Alan Ballas. There was some interest, but no sale, Alan used to live in Tallahassee. He owns several side by side bordering lots in Tallahassee, around 12+ acres total, with a few mobile homes on the lots that he rents, and there is a sinkhole that is clear and seems to flow. He has owned this property for a long time and has not had divers in the sink to do any exploration or mapping. It?s located close to Wakulla. He is interested in selling the land in its entirety with the mobile homes. This posting is not an invite to get a free dive into a possibly unexplored system or to find another way into the Wakulla passages, its purpose is to introduce you to my neighbor Alan who wants to sell this land with rental homes and a sinkhole. It?s up to you to convince Alan that you are a serious buyer and qualified cave diver. If you are interested in the sinkhole you will have to check it out yourself; I have never been there and have no idea if or where it goes. It?s up to you to determine that. I know he?s looking in the $250K range for the property and homes. If you?re interested please email him at alanabsa@aol.com or call 850-694-4001.