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    Default WTS: Halcyon custom red JJ wing, Hollis 37lb doubles wing, 8" & 7.25" bands

    Halcyon JJ wing is one year old with very little wear. I'll include the factory hose, I just don't have it pictured. $350

    Hollis 37lb doubles wing, only used a handful of times. $125

    7.25"x2.5" Deep Outdoors bands in great condition. These are about five years old with not a lot of use. $60

    8"x2.5" bands, unknown make and age. $40

    PayPal gift/plus fees accepted. I can deliver to cave country monthly or ship at your expense.

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    Hollis wing is sold, everything else is still available.

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    JJ wing is sold, bands are still available.

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    7.25" bands sold. 8" bands still available.


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