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    I have the classic.. Um, kinda hate it. I think I have seen a thread like this before. Butt dump pretty tought o reach for me and in tighter sidemount cave, then BC can roll and then the but dump isn't reachable at all unless you take it off. Annoying. Anyways, I have my Hollis SMS which is ridiculously huge, but fine for the non-sidemount sidemount caves. And then I have the Diverite LS, which I love. Dive my SF2 sidemount CCR on it. Works great! Dumps all in the right places, great set up for running off board LP hoses throughout the BC without having them all over the place. Generally great design. IMHO. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diverlee View Post
    To bad the American one isn't.
    It might help to let Xdeep in Europe know that there is unhappiness with the customers in US.
    They might kick some butt with the US distributor then. I am sure they want their customers happy also outside of Europe..
    Write them with whatever issue you have directly..

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    A lot has been said about the Xdeep SM rigs on the CDF, especially by Bent You may want to search for it.

    I've recommended their products to several of my students, some it has worked for and some I absolutely regret having recommended it to.
    There are several issues with their design, mainly the position of the bladder and especially the rear dump, that make them less than suitable for some people.
    I could pull up more gripes but those are the main issues. Nothing is perfect but these design issues are, again in my opinion, fundamental.
    What did some of my students run into? Being too light in the feet for example, plus not being able to reach the dump valve.
    Without knowing your friend I would tend to not recommend any of the Xdeep SM systems.

    What I absolutely fail to understand, with the high availability of great SM systems made in the US, why do people even look at something like Xdeep in the first place?
    I'd highly prefer an Armadillo or, my personal favorite, the Dive Rite rigs like the LS.

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    Harness arrived yesterday. Finally. Test dive Saturday!

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