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    Default FS Russian KN-4 Booster

    Russian KN-4 Booster Pump for sale

    Single-Stage/Double-Acting booster pump built for Russian military. Converted to 115/230V 60 Hz US spec motor from Dayton that is currently configured to run on 115V. It will pop a 15 amp circuit breaker at about 3600 psi. With the swap of a few wires and the plug it can run on 230V. Running on 230V it will pump to 4500 psi from experience.

    O2 Clean with upgraded Viton seals. Unit comes with extra set of seals, full set of tools and complete set of spare parts.

    Price is $2400. Shipping will be extra if pickup cannot be arranged. Shipping will be by commercial carrier and can be arranged through Freightquote.com. The unit will come boxed and palleted, weighs 250 pounds, Freight Class 85, Dimensions 40x24X31 inches. From Washington, DC

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    Washington D.C., eh? Did you get this booster from a Trump campaign worker?

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    Here are some more pictures



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    Tools: Here are all the tools included to keep the unit running in top form.

    Spares & Accessories: If you are feeling strong you can attach the arms and pump manually.

    Spares: Enough spare parts to keep the unit running. Each paper packet is a set of several spare seals, washers, filters, springs, etc. Every consumable part needed

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    Thanks to photobucket for blocking all of my pictures

    Here they are at new link

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    Price Drop to $2200

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    For transportation unit can come crated and palleted as shown

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    Price drop on the booster pump to $2000 or make an offer.

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    Dropping the price on the booster pump to $1800.


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