let's try again...I have received a couple of new inquiries on this so...

Ladies, Gentlemen, and cave divers,
I've once again received some requests for a TDI HOG Reg Repair class. We are looking at Saturday, June 24, 2017. We need 5 to run the class.

If interested, please drop me a line at steve@mannoverboard.net or on the Mann Overboard Facebook page. The course will run $275 (yes, I know, some do it for $450 or more).
It will be in the High Springs/Lake City area, hold a max of 8, price will include certification, room rental, etc, etc. There will be a class special on Edge-HOG gear like always and if time allows, he will cover basic field maintenance on some other gear such as HOG valves.

Let us know if you're interested - it's a single day class that runs all day).
Questions here or to 352.575.3786.