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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Jessop View Post
    Black lagoon has zero viz basin, and occasionally it is zero viz until you leave the fissure. If you have had a chance to see the "cavern" area with decent viz, you will see that there are chambers that someone could swim into once getting off the line. I was told the rationale was for a guide was to help facilitate entrance and exit out of the system, plus provide some way to distract the big gator so you have a chance of survival.....
    That makes sense. I've never seen either but have wanted to dive them.
    Does the line in hart start in ow because of the flow or is it deeper in the cave because of the swimmers there?

    Wasnt hart guided at one time as well or was that misinformation.

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    Black Lagoon was the only entrance at the time Hart was opened to guided diving. Little Hart was sand choked and quite an experience going through; check it out in the first (I believe) Waters Journey. After a flood, it was discovered that the "sand restriction" had been flushed out. At this time, the entire Hart System was guided. After a time, it was decided that Little Hart should be opened to Full Cave divers with 100+ dives. As presented (not by me) to the Gilchrist County Commission "only the best, most experienced divers could make it to Black Lagoon." That statement was based on the word of someone who only dove Hart on air, in the days of it's maximum flow. On days when the aquifer has a good charge, the flow in the first 400 ft of Little Hart can be quite strong.


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