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Thread: How?

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    That is some scary doo doo David.....Rattlers & Cottonmouths are nothing to mess with. I've seen my share here in Florida too...both in the woods surrounding our springs and the rivers we paddle on. I hope you are doing ok. i cannot imagine the pain and suffering you went thru.

    Yes....watch where you are walking or swimming guys !

    Jack Evans

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMoore View Post
    It just shocks me how people don't understand how bad a venomous snake bite can be.
    Your story occurred to me when I first saw this post. Whatever idiot jackass-style stunt the gentleman thought he was pulling, I bet he regrets it for the rest of his life. That snake may be his last kiss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMoore View Post
    Haha... yes. A lot of those methods did go through my mind. The first park ranger I got to pulled out a book and told me NOT do any of those. Apparently sucking the wound brings lots of risk to the person sucking the poison out. Cutting an X over the wound doesn't help either. Go figure. I was lucky and got antivenin rather quickly - less than an 90 mins from being bitten. The bad thing was the snake gave me a huge dose of venom. Would have really been nice if it would have been a dry bite.

    I'm "fully" recovered now. I permanently lost the Tibialis Anterior muscle in my left leg. The muscle you use to lift your foot. So I have permanent "foot drop" as well as no feeling on the top of my foot and lower shin. (Awesome when I drop the soap in the shower I was really worried about how it was going to effect my diving (frog kicks, etc.). My foot was pretty sloppy when I finally was able to get back in the water. But now I've strengthened the other muscles around my ankle and it seems to do fine. The only challenge is when I'm in a very small silty passage where you would typically only use your ankles to propel yourself. I can do it but if my left fin contacts the wall or ceiling I don't have the power to push trough it without compensating with some leg movement. So in those circumstances I don't have the "finesse" I used to. I expected to have more problems when dealing with flow but that doesn't seem to be an issue (especially when scootering . I'm sure I don't have the power that I used to have though.
    All are old wives tails

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    Apparently this is not an isolated incident !!!! You Floridians are a wacky bunch !!!!


    TJ (2)
    When I get out of cavediving, it will be to learn how to use a walker FW

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    I immediately thought of that one as well.

    David Moore



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