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    He was quite the character. Back when character meant something good, not how stupid, ignorant and rude you can be on the internet.

    "Is this thing on?"

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    Finally a CDF thread worth reading. Thanks Kelly.

    "Cave diving is for grown ups. Make grown up decisions."

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    Steve once traveled to Ohio in the early years when he started doing Nitrox courses to teach a course at one my stores. He had a plane to catch in Dayton and he was finishing the on site training at Gilboa Quarry. Sunny day early in April and I remember him saying " just another crappy day in paradise". I did not get him back to the airport on time and he missed his flight back to the Sunshine state and the Desk Attendant at Delta in Dayton asked why he missed the flight and Steve commented as he looked at me "Poor Driving Habits". Steve took me on a DPV dive at Manatee and I used one of his older Farallons. I accidently ran a piece of wood through the prop and snapped the props right off. We were about only 200 feet in and Steve turned and ask in his unique facial expressions that he had and then I new he wanted to know what the "F" I did? He then communicated with a hand signal that It was cash or credit to get towed out. Great times and life long memories. I'm glad some you have shared your memories. Safe diving to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlawCaver View Post
    I recall making a dive at a place called Uno. I was a bit nervous so I asked Doug Hand about the upcoming dive. He said "Geesus Vince, my mother has been in Uno".....lmao.
    A Doug Hand's mother reference. Classic!

    Ken Sallot


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