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    Thumbs up New Local Restaurant

    To all the Cave Diver friends,
    Red's Tavern on 27, in Fort White FL, heading towards Peacock Springs has opened a nice little restaurant. Open lunch & dinner on weekends. Really good, made to order food.
    The place looks awful and janky only on the outside. The restaurant is waiting for approval to build a sign. Check it out. Hot food that won't make you sick. Local restaurants otherwise being sparse et.al.
    I am in no way affiliated with this business or the people who run it. I remember when I was diving that it was a bit difficult to find decent food that wouldn't make me sick. I just moved to the High Springs area and discovered the restaurant and am only sharing the good news. I hope posting this here, is not a violation of forum rules.

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    They serve alcohol too?

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    They show part of a menu but only list a few cocktails. The menu looks a bit enticing though, looks like it's worth a test run or two.


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    Yes. I think the restaurant has a beer license. However, the bar next door (seriously just walk through a door) has a full liquor license.

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    I had the steak & cheese hoagie. YUM.
    Because the food is made to order, the wedge fries are crispy outside but soft inside. It was the first time I have had properly cooked potato fries outside DIY. I ate them all!!

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    Yaaahhhhh. I'm tired of roasting my winnie over Wayne's camp fire...

    PS: that was a funnie..

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadude View Post
    Yaaahhhhh. I'm tired of roasting my winnie over Wayne's camp fire...

    PS: that was a funnie..
    oh just turn around and get your buns warm.

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