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    Default Devils hole video


    This is a really good episode of Jonathan Bird's Blue World, the first half of the episode is about cave cinematography and the second half is about diving in devil's hole. It's worth the time to watch. Brian Kakuk is in it.


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    Very nice, thanks for posting it.

    A couple of interesting side notes. I was putting my niece on a plane in 1991, and ran into Sheck Exley on this way to do the first dive in Devil's Hole.

    The other thing, I wonder if this cave was forgotten in the list of the deepest US cave dives?

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    I enjoyed it, Thanks for sharing

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    those marshmallow/pillowy walls are awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by patpicos View Post
    those marshmallow/pillowy walls are awesome!
    Out of the entire video, that was my favorite part. Waiting for a tornado to drop out of those beautiful clouds...

    V'''''v''''''V''''''''Vv''''''''''''''''v'V''''''' '''''V''''v''''V''''''


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