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    Default Mako/Tekna trigger issue

    am I the only guy that posts in this sub forum?

    anyway... i've got a mako i've been diving a bit... super fun scooter, small, cheap and really fast! I've noticed the trigger sticks at depth. No issues in 50' or less, but in the 80-100 range you can pull either of the triggers on and the scooter keeps running even when you let go. I have to click/pull the trigger 10-20 times to get it to stop. I've pulled apart the the handles and the pully system that moves the magnet on the exterior of the housing and it both sides appear to function properly and smoothly. Any ideas what else could be causing this? Reed switch inside the scooter?

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    Lately, it does appear not many post here. FWIW, the early UV series, and Gavin scooters all use Mako components. Try DPV repair, they are the current Mako experts.

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    I remember there was a trigger mod for the old Apollo scooters where the hole the triggers pivot pin sat in was enlarged slightly to prevent it sticking at depth. I have no idea if that would apply to a Mako.

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    I think the first thing to figure out is if the problem is mechanical or electrical. If your scooter is a mako doesn't it have the tab that is attached to the magnet inside the shroud strut that sticks through a slot in the strut so you can manipulate the magnet manually without the trigger? It should be a little black tab on the top of the strut close to the body of the scooter. When you activate the trigger you should see the tab move back and forth. Next time it sticks see if it is moving when you pull the trigger. If is isn't I'd guess that you just have some grit in the pulley area but if you've already taken it apart you would have seen it.

    Next up I'd try just using one trigger for the entire dive and see it the problem persists. One the next dive use only the other trigger. The reed switches are separate for each handle so if one of them is going bad it would be unlikely to have identical symptoms from both triggers. If it happens with both triggers I'd say it is probably your relay. I wouldn't expect a reed switch or relay problem to be depth dependent though.

    The last thing I's check would be the reed switch adjustment. Pull the trigger really slowly and pay careful attention to when the motor activates. Does it switch on at 1/8 of the total travel? 1/2? not until right at the end? If the motor comes on as soon as you start to pull the trigger it might be set a little to close to the magnet. It should activate at about the midpoint of travel. If it doesn't you might need to open up the tail end and adjust the reed switches.

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    Trying to remember what I did for a similar issue. I think it was that one of the pulley wheels was inverted. I might be totally off on this. I don't see it being a bad reed switch. Like mentioned above, try using the tab with the magnet on it.

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    great advice from all... hopefully I can tinker with it this weekend. It is not the tab switch, as that functions fine and has the same response as using the trigger. I tried to operate the scooter using just the tab switch for a bit with the same result... I would have to flick it 10-20 times to get the motor to stop.

    I didn't try using the other trigger/side, so I may just wait and do that on the next dive with it before pulling anything further apart. I did however pull open both trigger handles and also the flat plate along the shroud where the tab switch/lever is... both sides looked clean and operated properly.

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    If you are having the issues with the tab then it has to be the magnet or switch.

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    Steve Gamble used to carry parts for Tekna scooters, he still might, not sure if he repaired them. Maybe seek his .02?

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    There is a loop over the pulley in the handle to keep the cable from jumping off the pulley. If it rotates out of position it can bind the cable going to the magnet as the pulley and the loop rotate together.

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    I'm confident it is internal at this point... just gotta find time to pull it apart

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