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    Default Recovery procedures described in detail

    For anyone interested in taking the IUCRR Rescue/Recovery Diver Course, or in learning more about recovery procedures, the medical journal Forensic Science International has published a review of the procedures the IUCRR employ when recovering deceased divers from caves. The paper describes the state-of-the-art regarding preservation of forensic evidence before and during recovery, plus it stresses the importance of using trained cave recovery divers rather than local dive teams. To highlight why this is important, five cases are described to illustrate both the hazards and range of recovery operations.

    Access to FSI articles normally costs $35 per article (this is about typical for pay-per-article medical journals) but the publishers have given us a link to access the full article for free, for the next 50 days only. It will expire on Thursday May 25th.

    Feel free to share this link on social media as you wish, up till May 25: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1UqaF_8de01Ri~

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    Great article. Thanks for that link!

    "The recovery divers should not retain their own copies of images; as in the US state of Florida, such images may be subject to special legal protections. Public comment by any rescue/recovery diver is expressly prohibited by IUCRR regulations regardless of either the impatience of the grieving family or the wider cave diving community’s desire to understand the circumstances that led to the fatality."

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    I felt the need to bump this thread. Unfortunately, the free download of the article outlining IUCRR procedures has expired, but perhaps someone managed to download it and save it and would be willing to make it available to anyone else that is interested.

    The previous post in this thread has quoted a very salient point about the process.

    Ken Sallot

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    I will be Happy to read it also.

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    I'd like to read it too..

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    I suspect there will be a number of interested folks...

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    Take the course as well as reading about it. It will improve your skill level as well as give you a new way of thinking on cave diving. I took it after completing my Abe Davis requirements & learned a good deal more on dive accidents.


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