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    Default PST 104s for sale. Four of them.

    Regretfully I must sell my four PST 104s. I have four of them for sale. Two have born dates of 87 on them and two of them have born dates of 77 on them. They are all in hydro . The 77s have very good y valves and the 87s have standard K valves with removable inserts for din fittings. I am selling each for 250 or a set for 450. I will split the shipping to you if you buy a set of them, as long as you are in the lower forty eight. All are again Pressed Steel 104s. LP 2400 tanks. I had sold a pair earlier but could not get to Florida for the delivery. These are perfect for cavern or intro to cave students. I am dealing with a hip issue and know that my 104 days are over. Sucks.

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    No interest make offers.

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    Pm sent

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    The 1987 set is sold. The 1977 set is still available. I've dropped the price to 200 each with no valve and I'll pay shipping to lower 48.

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    Tanks returned from Hydro today. Passed with no issues. Tanks will be sent with a PSI/PCI EOI sticker. 225 with a Y valve and 200 without. I will ship to Florida and include it in that price. I don't want to haul these tanks around any longer.


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