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    Default Anyone been to Madison?

    Anyone reports on Madison from this weekend?

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    I was there but did not walk down to the main spring. Looking at it about halfway down the steps, the water looked good - not sure about the flow. I did see Martz, and viz looked good.

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    I did walk down to the water, and you can't see all the way to the bottom. My guess is around 30', and the flow in the run looked pretty stiff.

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    the gage is no longer reporting flow metrics ;(

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    I was there Sunday as one of three teams in the water. We swam back to Rocky Horror; the other teams did the Godzilla circuit and went to Martz.

    Viz in the basin is about 10' and green, and doesn't improve much until after Martz. Lots of particulates, and everything is covered in silt, so expect to make things worse. Farther back, viz is much better, but still a fair number of particulates and a lot of silt on rocks. Flow seemed high, but I only have dove the site a few times.

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    Thanks for the updates. Was hoping to get there this trip, but maybe next time.

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    Any recent updates from Madison??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adler View Post
    Any recent updates from Madison??
    I heard the last group to dive it were carried away by gnats

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    My buddy and I were there yesterday. Basin was clean and clear. The first 100' or so was a bit cloudy with 30-50' of vis. This is most likely due to the very low flow. Conditions improved a bit further in. We did our dive to the Godzilla room and areas in that direction initial vis was improving the further we went in.

    But due to the very low flow, vis on exit was reduced due the silt covering nearly everything. All in all a great day to dive.


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