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    I dove with Victoria when I was in DR a few years ago. Great experience, highly recommend her.

    - Jeff

    Jeff Rouse
    Chicago, IL

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    Quote Originally Posted by alcornl View Post
    Victora & VIP divers are great to dive with. They will pick you up at the hotel and take care of everything. The caves are an hour to 2.5 hours away but worth the effort. Sidemount AL80's are the configuration of choice.

    Jon and I also dove with VIP divers and were very pleased. Great people!

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    Victoria is cool

    Dominican Republic Speleological Society
    Aquavista Films LLC.

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    Hi guys. Is all cave diving just guided tours or did anyone actually rented tanks and did all the work themselfs? its a genuine question im thinking about heading over in November but im not mad about guided diving thing. Thanks Michal

    Caving and Cave Diving in Ireland


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