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    Not going to have much luck getting away the weekend of Easter. But if you're at it again the following weekend ...

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    We will be working Saturday this coming weekend and definitely both days of the following weekend (4/22-23).

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    Come help at Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park

    We will be working on the stairs this Saturday (4/15) and we will take Sunday off. If you are available, please consider lending a hand.

    For more information, or to let me know you will be there, call or text me at 850-728-0098. We will be providing lunch and you will also receive a one day park pass for future use, and Cave Excursion is giving a tank fill to all volunteers.


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    Donation made to PayPal. Won't have a moment that get over there.

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    Thank you for the donation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotelconucc93 View Post
    Donation made to PayPal. Won't have a moment that get over there.
    Thank you very much for the donation, helps tremendously towards projects like this. Your support is greatly appreciated

    "Not all change is improvement...but all improvement is change" Donald Berwick

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    Will be there this Saturday 4/22 around 10 am. Anything I should bring other than basic hand tools and gloves?

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    Gloves and hand tools like hammers, tape measures, cordless drills and drivers are always good to bring. We will have water and lunch for everyone.

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    Peacock Stairs Project

    Our goal for this weekend (4/22-23) is to finish the right hand side of the stairs at Peacock. This will entail installing treads, railings and the ladder off of the bottom step. We could use 6-8 volunteers to help. Construction experience is not needed as we can always use people to haul lumber and other materials. Please call or text me (850-728-0098) for more information or to let me know if will be coming. Lunch will be provided.


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    Peacock Stairs April 26 Update

    Thank you to Steve, Rick, RB, and Al for making a midweek trip to Peacock Springs to work on the steps. We were able to get the ladder installed on the right hand side of the stairs, and Rick was the first diver to try them out. We still have some railing work to complete, so be careful on the ladder and stairs. Now that the right hand side is open, we started demolition on the left side. The goals for this weekend are to get the footings poured and the new support posts set. We would love to see some additional folks helping this weekend (4/29 & 30). Call or text me at 850-728-0098 to let me know if you are coming this weekend or for more information.

    Mike Stine


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