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Thread: AL72s

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    I just this moment received a F/F with no fee taken out. Nice of my buddy to loan me the $!

    Separately, there's 1 AL72 left. 3 if you really are in need of them.

    Cave Mann

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    Ok, I was talked out of the other so only 1 left.

    Cave Mann

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doby45 View Post
    Gotcha, I just know some people always think to send it "Friends" because it used to be that was no charge to anyone. Now they sock the fee to the "friend" that is getting the money. Didn't want ya to get cheated on an already great price on tanks.

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    They're all gone, thanks.

    Cave Mann

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    Yeah I was not aware of that either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Adler View Post
    How long ago did they start that?


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