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Thread: Dry suit leak

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    Default Dry suit leak

    I recently purchased a used but what appeared in great condition dive rite 905 dry suit. Dove it for the first time at JB had to buy a pee valve set up from Ed because mine didnt fit the whole. After every dive i did i was soaked from the chest to my right leg on the front part of my body. Sent the suit off to gambles and he said there was no leak detected in the suit but said that my seals needed to be replaced. My question is could the leak be really coming from the seals or do i just need to seal the p valve into the suit ? Im diving a light monkey non balanced screw valve

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    Gamble is extremely talented at finding leaks. I brought him a suit for a new zipper last year and he found 9 leak spots I wasn't aware of after fixing the zipper. If the neck seal is too large or old, it could leak considerably when moving your neck about.

    Was the P valve installed before Gamble leak tested? Chances are, if he said it's toast, replacing would be best. He's saved my diving several times and I'm always happy with his workmanship. I also know several folks that were quite happy with diving a 905 and seals don't last forever.

    Good luck with your suit.

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    Have him do the seals then leak test it... if the pee valve needs love he will give it

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