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    I was referring to being able to actually view what you're shooting while you're shooting it, rather than praying that you're catching it and not finding out if you did until you get back to the laptop or smartphone (GoPro ap for the later ones). You can still navigate the entire menu from the traditional buttons. No need to touch the screen I don't think.

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    You can still cycle through the menu options on the 4 Silver while its in the waterproof housing; not sure about the 5 though as I don't own one.

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    Has the same traditional side "mode" and top capture button. So you can cycle through different modes, but it doesn't seem like you can actually change your preferences and settings in the Super Suit. I could be wrong. It's my first day playing with it, but seems like you'll have to have your preferences set and it remembers them when you turn it back on. You can see the LCD screen of what you're shooting, so you'd still be able to adjust your lighting source, but it doesn't seem like you could adjust your iso or color once under water. Again, might be wrong, but at first glance and no real instructions yet other than its starter menu, I dont see how you could get to that menu once closed up.


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