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    #3 The valves are all very well hidden; it would be almost impossible to grind them on something without contorting yourself in some weird positions.

    #4 I think it would be difficult to tear apart, but I've only had it a little while. Seems well built

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    I have a nomad JT size L, new, without original box. 230 plus shipment.
    some info here:

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    Texas, I wanted to add that I have the dual bladder one and there is no issue with it causing unequal inflation.

    The inflator hose runs off the opposite side (like the primary was mirrored) and the bladder itself is on both sides of the wing (not just one) I don't think it's removable unless you want to tear it out.

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    Maxpcf, do you connect a LP hose to the second power inflator or plan to use an oral inflation?


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