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    If youre diving 80s then I will assume you wont use the buttplate so it'll be a nonissue. Sounds like you need some steel tanks

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    might hang the butt plate for hanging reels and crap on. probable adding extra d-rings to waist for floaty 80's

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    I love my LS I have dove it for over a year now. I have used in in both fresh and salt water without issues (went down to 100M SW and worked flawlessly). I have used it with up to 5 tanks in both steel and aluminum, wet suit, dry suit, and no suit..it always has adequate lift. The weights are in the optional pouches-- both back and pocket (which I mount towards the back on the belt-took some experimenting but this is the best place for me--key is mounting them upside down so they dump off your butt with gravity). My only critique of the set up is the dump valve at the bottom is useless (have to go EXTREME head down) leaving only the top valve as an option....you do have to do a slight heads up to get the air to the dump but it is not as extreme as the heads down for the bottom. I have climbed back onto the boat with 2 AL 80 attached with no issue (sturdy build).
    I only use the single bladder as my SMB and/or lift bag has way more capacity and will serve as my bail out if needed.
    I like the ring system versus the bungee set up...its a personal preference but the main reason is getting in and out of the water using the system is an advantage to me and I find myself ready before my double BM friends are.
    I can highly recommend this unit.
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