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    Default GoPro Hero 4 Black - Mint / Like New

    ** Mint Condition / Like New !! **


    Rest assured; used only a handful of times and always taken care of by one owner, me !

    Whats Included: (~$350 value)
    Original manuals and stickers
    GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition camera
    Original waterproof camera housing (40m / 131ft)
    Original Non-waterproof back cover for camera housing
    Original 3.8V 1160mAh Li-ion battery
    Original Charging cable
    Original Quick release buckle + plastic display stand

    Bonus Items: (~$80 value)
    Original waterproof camera Dive Housing (60m / 197ft)
    x2 Wasabi Power Batteries
    Wasabi Power dual battery charger
    Wasabi Power charging cable

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    still available?

    *edit* nevermind got one

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    still available?

    Cheers Tony

    ANDI Full cave 7/2015
    Naui Australia Trimixdiver.
    Naui Mixed Gas Blender & 02 Service Teck.
    Briz Vages Exploration team member.
    TDI Meg Rebreather diver 9/2010, Mod 1&2.
    ANDI Mod 3 Meg rebreather 7/2015
    CDAA Cavern Deep Sinkhole 22/7/2011
    And proud S/S Scooter owner.
    Dive Safety Through Quality Education

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    FYI, you can get a new Hero 4 black now for less than $300. Do an online search. I just got one for $299 that included a dual battery charger with spare battery, and a touch screen/viewer, from B&H photo.

    Forrest Wilson (with 2 Rs)
    Any opinions are personal.
    Sump Divers


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