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    Default FS: Dive Rite RX10 Canister Light

    Selling for a buddy...

    Dive Rite RX10 LED canister light. Features: on/off switch in the light head, soft good man handle, smart charger included. Approx. burn time 4 hours, 1000 lumens.

    I have the light currently, and have charged it up and tested it. Light works, but seems dim to me.... i'm not good at trouble shooting electronics, so I havn't done anything with it.

    Dive Rite offers an upgrade on this light that will take up to a LX25 (2500 lumen light) that runs around $300 to have it done.

    If I were looking for a light, I would buy this, do the upgrade and for approx. $625 you'd end up with a brand new light 2500 lumens. not bad!

    Asking $325 for the light in current condition. Drop off in cave country (ginnie area), pickup in Jacksonville, FL or I can ship it.

    Click image for larger version

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    Maybe... I'll ask the owner

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    $250 Including Shipping???

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