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View Poll Results: What Deco Algorithm Do You Use?

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  • Bubble Model

    3 3.03%
  • Varying Permeability Model

    10 10.10%
  • Gradient Factors – Even – Like 30/70 or 20/80

    49 49.49%
  • Gradient Factors – Favor Deep Stops – Like 20/70

    4 4.04%
  • Gradient Factors – Favor Shallow Stops – Like 40/80

    33 33.33%
  • Ratio Deco

    9 9.09%
  • Tables – Like Navy

    2 2.02%
  • Other - please explain

    4 4.04%
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    I know, AJ, I am just trying to understand the thought process the researchers are following.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nix View Post
    The human body is a very complex system and the etiology of DCS is not fully understood. From what I have read of the literature I don't think it is currently possible to create a model that is conceptually complete. The statement you are quoting is just pointing out that while the model does a good job of predicting the likelihood of DCS within its training set it is not modelling all the physiology of the body. It is using an approximation based upon 3 compartments each with a single bubble.
    I agree completely!!

    First, they take something not thoroughly understood - DCS / DCI
    Then try to apply a model which is in no way mathematically calculated, only estimated
    They calculate the model to six significant digits
    Then apply it to a body whose physiology is not completely known
    Where said body has been under various influences probably unknown, including sleep, fatigue, travel, food, alcohol, hydration, time of day, blood sugar, . . .

    And we wonder why we get DCS.

    Measure with a micrometer - cut with an ax.

    All opinions are my own and do not reflect the view of the board.

    "If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?" ~Sydney J. Harris

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    Instead of researching and comparing algorithms, should researchers instead assess the "goodness" of the assumptions, models, and parameters?

    All opinions are my own and do not reflect the view of the board.

    "If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?" ~Sydney J. Harris

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    Good question, it is already being done! The technical report evaluating deep stops isn't comparing algorithms it is testing the assumption that deep stops lead to more efficient decompression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PfcAJ View Post
    They're literally all wrong. How wrong is what this debate is about.
    This quote wins the debate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draker View Post
    Deco is over-rated. And once it starts to interfere with Happy Hour, it becomes optional.
    And does that last hour really matter?
    I revisit:
    THIS wins the debate.
    Optional deco... thank god! I've always said it was a boring waste of time.
    Now I can sell my computers and get something useful instead!

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    I'm going to bump this year old thread because it's been one of the better threads I've read on here in a long time. There are some pretty educated folks on here regardless of what you say about one another... I'd love to keep hearing of your experiences as they relate to why you chose the algorithm or theory that you did. I just finished my deco procedures book and although I understood all of the material, I felt like the summary is "These are all theories and doing them by the book can still result in DCS; good luck, invest in DAN, and may whatever deity you believe in be with you.... and by the way, you just paid money for a book that gave you more questions than answers, but you're certified! Congratulations!"

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    I just completed I dive trip to the Red sea.
    Did a x-over to the revo and must admit I am a fan of that machine now.. way better overall satisfaction and feeling than I ever had on my Inspos..
    Will get my new baby on Sunday

    But off of the OT now and back to topic.
    During the trip I did several dives in the 250' range with deco obligations around 90 min. The folks I dove with were at GF 30/85, so this is what I used on the controller shearwater. My backup I used with my meanwhile standard GF 50/70. Interestingly the TTS was staying within a singly minute difference during the deep part of the dive.
    Also first stops were a maximum of 6 m apart (so really not worlds), but then following the slower ascent of the team and the leading low GF of the 30/85 the 50/70 TTS obviously rose. I stayed with the team and then in the end was doing 10-15 min more at 6 m in order to get down to my GF high 70 of my backup computer.

    I think though it is quite telling that in the range of such dives the TTS of 30/85 and 50/70 is almost identical, but if you were following the 50/70 profile you would surface with a lower GF high and as such with a higher safety margin at surface..


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