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    Default WTS: DIN HOG D1 + Salvo SRX Reg set w/ SPG

    Selling a typical single tank reg setup because I moved up to Illinois. I initially planned on diving up here, but I forgot how cold it is here, and I don't have the funds for a drysuit so I am selling these regs.

    I haven't used these in a while, but they were last serviced by TJ (or whoever his tech guy is) down at Dayo Scuba in Orlando probably about 2-2.5 years ago. The regs have at most 10 dives on it since the servicing. Also includes a 6' flex hose (DGE brand I believe). I have done probably a total of 50-75 dives on these regs since owning them for the past 6 years. You probably should service them or at the very least inspect them.

    - 1 HOG D1 1st stage in DIN
    - 2 Salvo SRX 2nd stage regs (one has Aqualung mouthpiece which is amazing)
    - Steel SPG
    - 6' Flex Hose
    - DIN-Yoke Adapter
    - Comes in Scubatoys reg bag

    $425 shipped

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    That's a D2 first stage, not a D1.


    The Tech Diver's Prayer: Oh Lord, if I should die, please don't let my wife sell my dive gear for what I told her I paid for it..

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    Whoops, thanks. That just shows how out of diving I am!

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    400 shipped

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    Just got back from vacation. $350.

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    300 shipped

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    Default Will you take 250 shipped

    Will you take 250 shipped

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    Still trying to sell this, 250 shipped.

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